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I remember watching my mom re-wallpaper and add borders to rooms quite often when I was younger. It was a fashionable way to accent your walls right next to “ragging” or “sponging” your walls with paint. Am I dating myself yet?

Well, those rolls of glue-covered paper have made a comeback over these last few years. They’re now in unique patterns, textures, and sheens and there seems to be something for everyone - whether you want to give a subtle accent to the room or deliver a bold, eye-catching statement.

Recommendations for choosing the right wallpaper:
1. Order a few samples before you commit. Tack them to your wall and observe how they look at different times of day. Do they contrast the surrounding furniture or décor?
2. Scale. Larger prints display much better in larger spaces.
3. If you are aware your house has uneven ceilings or walls…steer away from stripe or plaid prints that will accentuate these flawed areas.
4. Research the type of wallpaper to make sure it is suitable for the area you want to apply it. Places that are subject to higher moisture, for example a bathroom, should have scrubbable or be made of material that can withstand steam.
5. Sizing up…ALWAYS plan for more than you need. Especially if you have patterns that need to line up. WikiHow has a great article for calculating the amount of wallpaper needed at this site: How to Estimate the Amount of Wallpaper Needed: 9 Steps (

Trending Wallpapers for 2022… floral and foliage patterns, animal patterns, geometric patterns, metallics, faux brick patterns, textured and murals.

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