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Doors vs Drawers in Kitchen Cabinetry by Kendra


o Used for easy access when trying to reach things farther back in the base cabinets

o Can help ensure that anything in the drawer can be reachable and useable instead of just a storage space of unused items

o Creates accessible and easy-to-reach storage space for base cabinets

o Can be customized to have organizers for silverware, dishes, pots & pans, paper towel pullouts, spice racks, k-cup slots, garbage can slots, etc.

o Can provide deeper and larger areas for bigger items


o When placed under a sink, it allows for easier access to plumbing and extra storage space for soap or cleaning supplies

o Great storage options for upper/wall cabinetry

o Can have glass doors to allow for display of certain items

o Can be customized to have rollouts, cookie sheet or muffin pan dividers, pulldowns, mixer lifts, pan hanger pullouts, adjustable shelving, etc.

Features of Rivers Edge Cabinetry custom cabinets

o Have soft close hinges to ensure closures will be smooth and quiet every time

o Door/drawer style is completely up to the customer

o Cabinetry exterior and interior finish is up to the customer

o Height, width, and depth of cabinetry are entirely customizable

o Lighting can be added inside, under, or above cabinets

o Multiple crown molding options are available

o Customizable inserts and built-in features for all cabinetry

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