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Style Watch: Japandi

Japa-what?! "Japandi" (pronounced jah-pan-dee) is an east meets west design mash-up of Japanese and Scandanavian style. It focuses on clean lines, minimal but functional furniture, and using natural materials. Colors focus on natural elements in greys, blues, light and dark wood tones, with accents of black, soft pinks and white. Those who are drawn to this design style are often looking to create a warm and peaceful environment but in a simple layout.

Tips to Japandi your space:

  1. Start with your walls. Choose a light neutral wall or subtle wall paper that will

reflect light within the room. Some of our favorite, tried and true wall colors are:

Walls shown are painted in Sherwin Williams "Alabaster".

Some favorite wallpaper selections from Serena & Lily...

2. Add in natural yet minimalistic furniture. Look for naturally occurring elements that aren't too busy.

3. Lighting...again, less is more! In the design that is. Keep the lighting clean and simple, nothing too flashy.

4. The finishing touches. Time to accessorize!

We hope you enjoyed this little snippet on Japandi design style! We're a little fond of the simplicity and comfort it brings. Contact us for assistance in transforming your space in any style!

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