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For modern entertainers who believe kitchens are a place to connect, entertain, and create, Dacor offers stunning tools that deliver expert innovations, intuitive technology and handcrafted design.

Inspiration at Every Touch

Dacor’s luxury appliances redefine the art of living well with elevated design and cutting-edge technology. Explore the distinct features that set Dacor appliances apart in performance and design.

The finest quartz countertop makers in the world!

Precision Performance

With Dacor, brilliance is at your fingertips. Every appliance feature, from Real Steam™ to Chef Mode, is engineered for precision performance that enhances your cooking experience. Elevate the everyday with Dacor.

Luxury at Every Touch

Dacor is redefining luxury through unmatched design and attention to detail that you can see and feel. Distinctive elements like 3D Lighting and Push-to-Open make for homes that truly stand out. With Dacor, your kitchen is unlike any other.

Innovation, Elevated

Dacor simplifies life through technology. Innovative features like remote temperature sensing and LCD touchscreens connect you to your kitchen from wherever you are - streamlining the way you live.

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