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The "Kitchen Triangle" Rule

Planning and laying out your kitchen’s workflow is an important part of any new kitchen build or remodel. It allows you to prep and cook food in an area that is pleasant, functional, and convenient.

This triangle consists of the three most utilized appliances: the sink, the stove, and the refrigerator. The goal for this rule is to keep these frequently used appliances unblocked, easily accessible, and within decent range of each other.

Kitchens with only one wall of cabinetry of course contain all three appliances of the triangle, unless there is an island that allows for the stove or sink.

L-shaped kitchens should have the sink placed near the center of the longest stretch of cabinetry, with each the stove and refrigerator distal the sink.

Galley kitchens are often long and narrow, consisting of cabinetry along two parallel walls. One wall will usually have the stove and refrigerator within the cabinetry, with the opposite wall implementing the sink.

U-shaped kitchens often use the kitchen triangle rule by placing one appliance on all sides of the kitchen. When the u-shaped kitchen includes an island, the stove or sink can be placed within the island to complete the kitchen triangle as well. When laying out a u-shaped kitchen or u-shaped kitchen with peninsula, make sure you allow yourself plenty of space between open appliances doors and drawers to opposite cabinetry doors and drawers.

Remember, it is easier to work with the space you have rather than against it. Sometimes we fill our hearts with amazing ideas for our space, but realistically they can make the space we have more cumbersome. For example, you’re wanting to have a cooktop, wall oven, 42 inch refrigerator and large farmhouse sink…but that leaves you with very little countertop space in the size of kitchen you have to work with. Maybe it would be better to exchange the idea of the cooktop and wall oven to a range. A standard sized refrigerator may be sufficient for your needs.

If you are having difficulties arranging the perfect kitchen layout for your home, we would love to assist you! Give us a call or stop into our showroom and we will gladly walk you through some design ideas!

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