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Steps to Design Worthy Window Treatments

Hang Curtains High and Wide

Hanging drapes a foot above your window frame can make your space look bigger and more luxurious. Extending your curtain rods out 3-6 inches on either side of your window frame will also help give the best effect.

Layer Window Treatments

Design worthy windows almost always wear two window treatments. Pair a window drape with wood blinds, roman shades, or even louvered shutters. This design is also functional. The more treatments on your window, the better insulation you will have. It also boosts style, turning your window into a design focal point.

Take Curtains to the Floor

A common mistake when purchasing store-bought curtains – many don’t first measure the height of their walls. For a tailored look, make sure your drapes kiss the floor or hover a half-inch above it.

Opt for Wide Slat Blinds or Shutters

A great window treatment will become a part of your home’s architecture. When choosing blinds or indoor shutters, select wood or faux wood with wide slats. This type of treatment may cost more up front, but they can actually increase the value of your home during resale.

Consider Curb Appeal

Window treatments are visible from the inside and the outside. Choose a shade that will enhance your home’s exterior color scheme and architecture.

Play With Patterns

Don’t be afraid of pattern! When putting two or more in a space, make sure these patterns are complementary. Patterns that are similar in scale and tone will support each other beautifully.

Make the Most of Natural Light

A well-chosen treatment, such as translucent rolling shades, can make the most out of natural sunlight. Allowing light in can reduce household bills, change the look of your space throughout the day, and even influence the mood of your rooms.

Create an Unexpected Moment

The key in adding an unexpected element, such as patterned window drapes, is to play by the rules in other aspects of design within the space. Take into consideration the placement, proportion, and execution.

Experiment With Trim

Thought through additions, like solid edge banding on a roman shade with pattern can make a simple window treatment look gorgeous.

Use Different Treatments in Each Room

Every room in your home represents a unique piece of the story that is you. Consider mixing things up when it comes to dressing your windows throughout the house. Tell your own story!

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