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Kitchen Island Open Shelving

Open shelving tends to have a love or hate relationship, depending on who you talk with. People who embrace these shelves love that they can display their kitchenware or various knickknacks they’ve collected throughout the years. Others tend to hate the clutter they bring and would rather just go without. Regardless, we are starting to see a shift in placement for these shelves.

While open shelving is traditionally found in place of upper cabinets, it is now making its way down to the kitchen island. More people are embracing shelves on their work and prep stations. You can see them displayed in a small nook which gives you a space to decorate, or they can even take over an entire side of the island, allowing you to place bowls, pans, and other decorative platters. Some may even forget the island idea and go for something that looks more like a table with shelving underneath.

Adding shelving to your island can give you more storage space, but that’s not the only benefit. An island, especially a big one, is a huge chunk of furniture and can add a lot of visual weight to a room. Breaking that up with shelves will without a doubt make your kitchen feel lighter and airier.

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