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How to Choose the best light fixtures for your space

Lighting affects the functionality of the space and how we feel when we are in it. To look it’s best and function well, a kitchen must be properly lit, and that involves more than just specifying stylish fixtures. A good design plan combines lighting into the architectural and decorative details of the room.

The secret to functional and decorative lighting is the way the lighting is layered in the space. There are four key layers that are necessary to properly illuminate a space.

Task: This is used to illuminate workspaces. This would include under cabinet lighting, over the sink lighting or lighting in your pantry.

Accent: This is known as highlighting. This adds depth and dimension to the environment. Accent lighting can include recessed, adjustable fixtures and track lights.

Decorative: My favorite! The “architectural bling” or the eye candy in a kitchen. The main purpose of decorative lighting is to add interest to a space. Types include chandeliers or wall sconces. Not known for illuminating the space, its main objective is to bring attention to itself.

Ambient: This gentle light fills the room and bounces off the ceiling. Referred to as general lighting, this includes anything from recessed lighting to pendant-hung indirect fixtures or sconces.

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