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Chilin' & Grillin'

The sun is shining and its finally time to get outside! We’re excited to pull the cover off the grill or smoker after this long winter. If you’re looking to make your backyard your primary kitchen this summer, we have some fun ideas for you!

Built-In Grills & Cooktops

Always the gathering place for your outdoor social events! There are many sizes and options to choose from. Built-in grills and cooktops are designed to be installed right into your custom outdoor kitchen. Gas side burners and griddle surfaces create a space to cook in that is not primarily utilized outside. These cooking appliances offer the ease of creating memorable meals all outdoors in a beautifully planned space. Not only are outdoor kitchens useful during the warm weather months, but they can also be aesthetically pleasing.

Craving more outdoor food prep fun? Check out these latest trends in outdoor kitchens!

Cocktail Stations

Meat. Fire. Beer. Who doesn’t enjoy a handcrafted drink with your grill-fired masterpiece?! Beverage stations are much more than a sink. They now include undercounter outdoor wine coolers, beverage refrigerators, and even outdoor dishwashers. Add features such as built-in ice bins, kegerators, ice makers, drink bottle storage, and outdoor textures or colors to make your outdoor kitchen uniquely yours!

Pizza Ovens

Our favorite of the outdoor kitchen trends! Whether wood-fired, pellet or gas fueled this is sure to be your family’s favorite as well! These units can be incorporated into your custom outdoor kitchens as well or purchased as a separate free-standing unit.

And just for fun…check out one of our favorite BBQ cookbooks!

Project Smoke by Steven Raichlen

Happy grillin’ everyone!

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