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35 Brilliant Cleaning Hacks for Your Kitchen

#1 – Clean your oven with a dishwasher tablet

Turns out your dishwasher tablets can be used for so much more than just cleaning dishes. It can be a great tool to use on your ovens and toilets!

#2 – Use vinegar to unclog faucet heads

If you experience hard water at your home, just soak your faucet in vinegar and then let it run! The build up will clear out on its own.

#3 – Squirt dish soap down the drain

If you drain is “slow to drain”, try pouring a little dish soap down there and run the hot water. The soap is formulated to cut through grease.

#4 – Use oven cleaner on the outside of your stained Dutch oven

Oven cleaner can remove cooked-on grease and other stubborn residue from the outside of an enamel Dutch oven. It won’t damage the color!

#5 – Add a steamer to your cleaning caddy

A steamer can help make quick work of cleaning grimy stovetops, cabinet doors, & more!

#6 – Cut a corner off your sponge

Cutting the corner of your sponge can help you distinguish the difference between which sponge you used for dishes, wiping the walls, and which sponge is used for the dirty work.

#7 – Put a cotton ball in your trash can

Garbage stinks! Literally. Take a cotton ball, soak it in essential oil, and drop it in your bin (underneath the bag). Its and easy and inexpensive odor-fighter!

#8 – Try the laundry basket method

A laundry basket is a brilliant way to consolidate all the things that are out of place. When in a hurry, just stash the basket out of sight, and when you have time, pull it out and place things back where they belong.

#9 – Set a timer

Set a timer and work until the buzzer goes off! You may finish the dishes early and you’ll know exactly how long you have to complete tasks.

#10 – Polish a stainless-steel sink with flour

If you have a stainless-steel sink, the best thing you can do for polishing is use flour! Wash and dry the sink, sprinkle in the flour, and get to buffing.

#11 – Harness the power of cooking spray

Not only will cooking spray remove soap scum from your tub, but it can also shine your faucets, clean your glass surfaces, and even stop your bathroom door from squeaking!

#12 – Keep some chalk in your kitchen

Chalk is super-absorbent, making it an excellent stain stick for removing excess food and oil stains that may soil your clothes!

#13 – Keep a dish brush in your shower

The secret to a clean shower is cleaning it on a regular basis. Having a soap-loaded dish brush ready in your shower caddy is the key to a clean shower!

#14 – Use your dishwasher to dry hand-washed dishes

Use your dishwashers’ empty racks to dry those hand-washed dishes. Your dishwasher will hold more than a dish rack anyway!

#15 – DIY pot scouring pads using mesh produce bags

You know those mesh produce bags you get when you buy a sack of potatoes? Don’t toss them! Instead, place an old sponge inside the bag and clip the ends. Now you have yourself a DIY pot scrubber.

#16 – Use a mesh laundry bag… in your dishwasher

Gather up all those little items – water bottle tops, lids to food storage containers, etc. – and put them in a mesh laundry bag. You’ll never have lost items again!

#17 – Add a bowl of vinegar to your dishwasher

Frustrated with dirty looking dishes? Put a bowl right side up in your dishwasher and pour in some vinegar. Run the dishwasher – the vinegar will help combat the hard water so dishes come out looking spotless.

#18 – Simmer baking soda and water in your cookware

This method for cleaning enameled cookware is so simple and effective. After a few minutes of simmering, use a wooden spoon to scrape off any baked-on bits.

#19 – Clean your silver with aluminum foil

Line a baking dish with aluminum foil, baking soda, salt, and boiling water. The combination should begin to remove the tarnish immediately.

#20 – Finally get rid of those pesky coffee stains

Try sprinkling some baking soda onto the bottom of your stained cup and add enough water to form a paste. Scrub! The gentle abrasion from the baking soda should remove stains in minutes.

#21 – Banish sink odors with baking soda and lemon juice

Try this DIY de-clogger to keep your pipes clear of gunk and smelling pretty. Wait for the fizzy chemical reaction to know it’s working!

#22 – Clean your disposal with vinegar and lemon ice cubes

If you’ve got a stinky disposal, make a bunch of ice cubes from white vinegar and small chunks of lemon, put one down the drain, and run the disposal.

#23 – Use a potato to clean your rusty cast iron

Here’s how it works: cut the potato in half, dip the cut end in dish soap or baking soda, and rub it over the rusted area. If the end of the potato get slick, slice the end and repeat the process!

#24 – Clean your microwave with lemons

Half a cup of water with squeezed lemon juice and peelings in a bowl is all it takes! Microwave for 3 minutes, let sit for 5 minutes, then wipe down.

#25 – Clean your oven racks in the bathtub

Don’t wash your racks in the sink, use the bathtub instead! Pour a bath and let soak until clean.

#26 – Clean up broken glass with a piece of bread

All you need is a slice of bread! Just press it gently over the tiny shards of glass and the little fragments will stick to the soft dough.

#27 – Use rubber kitchen gloves to remove pet hair

Your rubber kitchen gloves are great for opening jars, getting rid of excess pet hair, and of course, keeping your hands protected from the dirty work.

#28 – Use wax paper to keep the tops of your cabinets clean

Wax paper acts like a magnet to collect dust and grime. Placing these above your upper cabinets can make for easy cleaning. Just change it a few times a year!

#29 – Get rid of garlic smelling hands by rubbing stainless-steel

Don’t really enjoy the smell of garlic on your hands after chopping? The easiest hack to getting rid of the smell is to rub your hands on your sink faucet, or anything stainless-steel.

#30 – Clean your blender in 30 seconds

Fill your blender half-way with warm water, add a drop of dish soap, and whiz away! It will clean itself.

#31 – Use cream of tartar to get scratched dishes looking like new

Buff a scratched dish with a generous amount of cream of tartar and they’ll look as good as new. Add a few drops of water and rub gently!

#32 – Clean all the things in your dishwasher

There are all sorts of other things you can clean in your dishwasher. Flip flops, hairbrushes, sponges, plastic toys, and the list goes on!

#33 – Use dryer sheets to clean your cookware

Get rid of a scratch and clean up spills with dry dryer sheets. Letting one soak in your dirty pot can help un-stick burnt messes as well.

#34 – DIY a vacuum attachment with a squeeze bottle top

Still can’t reach those teeny tiny crevices? Just remove the attachment that’s on your vacuum cleaners’ hose and put a squeeze bottle top in its place. Now you can tackle all those hard-to-reach spots!

#35 – Microwave your cleaning rag before you get to work

Make sure your rag is damp before you put it in the microwave and figure out how long to heat before getting scalding hot. Once it’s steamy, the rag will be much more powerful when cutting through messes in the kitchen.

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