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2022 Colors of the Year

Top 2022 paint colors of the year are now rolling in from some of your most favorable paint brands. These colors of the year encompass warm neutrals, dusty pastels, and soothing blues and greens. Each shade has been selected for its ties to nature and its ability to create a peaceful, optimistic mindset.

Colors allow us to express ourselves anywhere. They can power moods, energize us with confidence, strength, and curiosity. Incorporate these colors through walls, cabinetry, trim, and more! Foster the mood you want to create within your home this year.

Satin Rolling Surf – Krylon

The shade reflects the renewed focus on well-being and mindfulness that’s currently driving home trends. This bold, refreshing blue draws inspiration from nature to deliver a sense of calm to indoor and outdoor areas.

Very Peri – Pantone

This shade is vibrant and blends the soothing familiarity of blue with the energy and excitement of red. This warm, joyful hue is meant to symbolize the transition out of isolation and the current times.

Laurel Leaf – Better Homes & Gardens

This dusty green shade mimics the rejuvenating appeal of eucalyptus leaves and reflects our desires to incorporate nature into our homes. This color pairs perfectly with creamy whites, cozy beiges, light to medium wood tones, and of course… house plants!

Art and Craft – Dunn-Edwards

The shade is a soft, sophisticated brown that channels the richness of walnut wood and offers a peaceful, grounding effect. Art and Craft is truly a down to earth color that signifies stability, comfort, and calm.

October Mist – Benjamin Moore

This botanical shade mimics the pale green of a flower stem, bringing out a soft, silvery green. It is one of many nature-inspired hues that span tinted off-whites, warm earth tones, and refreshed primary colors.

Evergreen Fog – Sherwin Williams

This mid-tone gray-green signifies a shift away from the cool neutrals that have previously dominated paint color trends. This organic color can extend a comforting welcome in entryways or establish quiet and calm and bedrooms or bathrooms.

Aleutian – Sherwin Williams

This color embodies comfort and relaxation – like a well-worn pair of faded blue jeans. Because the blue-gray hue has a slightly warm undertone, it offers a balanced look and a restful tone that works equally well in common areas like kitchens and living rooms.

Guacamole – Glidden

This ripe avocado-green delivers crowd pleasing color that’s both relaxing and refreshing. Online searches for green paint colors have more that doubled since 2020, indicating that homeowners are seeking colors that soothe.

Breezeway – Behr

The soft, silvery blue-green is reminiscent of sea glass found along sandy beaches and the crystal-clear water of a tucked away bay. Because of its ties to nature, Breezeway establishes a feeling of tranquility but can also inspire energy and liveliness.

Olive Spring – PPG

Reminiscent of a soothing aloe vera plant or velvety sage leaves, the gray-green color was chosen to represent regrowth and the resiliency of nature. The color tone feels familiar, grounding and is versatile enough to be used as a livelier alternative to traditional neutrals.
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